Women's Studies is an academic program generating, supporting, and sharing research on gender and sexuality. The Women's Studies Program at Appalachian State University was founded in 1976, making it the oldest program in the UNC system and the second oldest program in North Carolina. ASU's Women's Studies Program provides academic leadership to the community for the study of gender, sexuality, and feminist/womanist theories. With 44 faculty members across campus, our program offers interesting courses and co-curricular events on the most current research and debates on issues concerning gender and sexuality.

Women’s Studies expands a student's knowledge about issues of gender and sexuality in society, culture, history, literature, the arts, and technology. A degree in Women's Studies equips students with the knowledge and critical skills needed to understand and effectively respond to gender, race, class, and sexuality issues in our world and prepares students for a variety of careers.  Students who have majored in Women's Studies at Appalachian have embarked on careers in law, nursing, education, human resources, social work, counseling, and human rights advocacy. Women's Studies is also an excellent double major.

Our program offers

  • B.A. in Women's Studies
  • Girls' Studies undergraduate minor
  • LGBT Studies undergraduate minor
  • Women's Studies undergraduate minor
  • Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies
  • Internship opporutnities for undergraduate and graduate students


In our courses and events, we aim to provide the following to the university, community, state, and region: 

  • An approach to traditional academic disciplines informed by the study and contributions of women and gender and sexual minorities.
  • In-depth analysis and understanding of the intersection of gender, race, class, sexuality, and other axes of identity.
  • An interdisciplinary model of scholarship constructed about feminist, gender, and sexuality issues.
  • An open atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and expressions of concern over a wide range of feminist, gender, and sexuality issues on our campus and in our community, state, region, and world.


Dr. Kim Q. Hall
Director of Women's Studies
(828) 262-7603

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