Joining Women's Studies Faculty

Faculty who wish to become members of the Women's Studies Faculty must send a copy of their curriculum vitae along with a cover letter (updated every five years) to the Women's Studies Director for review by the WS Curriculum Committee. WS Faculty must explain in the cover letter how they possess at least two of the following qualifications (as evidenced on the CV):

  1. activity in feminist scholarship through peer-reviewed publishing (including dissertations), presentation of papers at peer-reviewed conferences, and/or activity in feminist critiqued performance arts and feminist juried exhibitions
  2. significant teaching experience teaching courses with women’s studies content
  3. significant participation in disciplinary-specific and/or interdisciplinary feminist professional organizations or caucuses
  4. a graduate degree in Women's Studies, significant graduate coursework in Women's Studies, (or the equivalent (given the absence of graduate courses in Women's Studies until relatively recently)
  5. participation in seminars and institutes designed to promote feminist scholarship and/or pedagogy (such as the National Endowment for the Humanities).

Additionally, feminist contribution to community service, including publication in local and regional periodicals, volunteer work with local feminist organizations, workshop planning and implementation, etc. will be considered as enhancing the applicant's formal academic credentials as evidenced on the CV.

In almost all cases, WS courses are taught by members of the WS faculty. However, in exceptional cases individuals (such as visiting instructors, adjuncts, or graduate students in the WS Graduate Certificate Program) who meet the criteria for WS faculty status can be approved by the WS Director to offer a WS course(s) for a maximum of one academic year. Subsequently, in order to continue teaching courses that count for the WS major, minor, and/or graduate certificate, these individuals must apply formally for WS faculty status and, if approved, their courses would be eligible for consideration for WS credit.

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